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Calendar and Registration System:

Professional Development (PD) delivers rigorous, research-based, field-tested learning experiences, programs, and resources for teachers, principals, administrators, and support personnel in order to increase student achievement.

Components focus on student achievement and school improvement by addressing direct instructional needs and/or knowledge, attitudes, skills, aspirations, and behaviors to support continuous improvement. These opportunities help staff succeed in their job, stay current on latest research in their field, and prepare for advancement.

How to use the system:
The Menu and Registration System will assist in going through the entire process of finding, registering and recording your professional development courses. It's designed to serve all M-DCPS employees: teachers, administrators, and non-instructional staff. 

Logging into the Menu and Registration System:

Using your web browser, go to the Menu and Registration System web site:

More Information
There is a link to the Menu and Registration System on the Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ web site:

Type in your User Name and Password and click <Login>

More Information
For M-DCPS employees or former employees, use your M-DCPS employee number for your user name. Non M-DCPS employees will be issued a user account number.

Your password can be changed at any time after you login. If you forget your password, use the <Password Reset> utility to reset your password. For security, the new temporary password will be sent to your e-mail account if you are an active employee or the user provided e-mail address for non M-DCPS employees.

After logging in with the temporary password, you will be required to change the password to an 8-character pass word of your choosing.

The Menu and Registration System is not linked to the ITS password system.


Finding and registering for a class.

  1. Locate the class in the system using one of the search options in the left column

  2. You can page through the list by clicking on “next” at top or bottom of the screen

  3. Click on the desired class.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the form and accept the agreement(s).

  5. Click the <Register> button

  6. You should receive an email or fax confirming your registration. If you do not receive confirmation, please check your profile information.

  7. Current registrations and class status can be checked from <My Area><My Sessions> in the left column/frame.


Requirements and Responsibilities:

Each participant is responsible for:

  1. Registering through the Calendar and Registration System.

  2. Reading instructions carefully as to location, time, restrictions (if they should apply), and follow-up activates (what they are, where they need to be submitted and due dates).

  3. Upon arrival and at dismissal to the course each participant must either sign in and out on a roster sheet or scan in and out if an identification name tag was provided.

  4. Comply with the required hours of attendance. (Face to face contact).

  5. Comply with follow-up activities.

  6. After all requirements are met, the instructor will submit grades to PD. A Pending Approval status will be issued until the PD Data Center has reviewed the records for the session attended, including sign-in sheets, verification of follow-up and final grades from the instructor(s). Once all records are received and the PD Data Center enters the attendance and completion information in the system, the status will be revised. In particular, if the records verify completion of all course requirements, the status will reflect "Satisfactory" which allows the PD Data Center to officially award MPPs. Note: In the event that course requirements were not completed (e.g., the teacher failed to attend the course he/she had registered for) the status will reflect "Unsatisfactory," and MPPs will not be awarded.

  7. Participants must complete online evaluations in order to receive MPPs. Evaluations may be found under the My Area: located on the left hand side My Evaluations.

    If an evaluation is not completed, MPPs will not be awarded. It is a requirement for MPPs.

  8. If a participant is not able to attend a session after registering they are required to cancel their registration through the PD Menu and Registration System. (Click on the My Course link course in the PD Menu and Registration System. Select the course you would like to cancel and click Cancel in the upper left corner.



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